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Spring is on the way!

Posted: 28th February 2013 by Tomaž K in In General, On The Rocks

After a snowy week, Krk island is slowly getting into the spring mode. So does Baska and crags around. This weekend can be the first warm one and also great for climbing. Ideal crag: Belove Stene, sector E … It will get sun early in the morning and keep it until over 1pm. Download the topos here: http://www.climbinbaska.com/?page_id=124

Newrouters in action!

Posted: 27th March 2012 by Tomaž K in In General, On The Rocks

Dear climbers, for the next 14 days there may be some increased bolting activities at our crags, as two teams came all the way from Germany to open some new lines. Please, when you see somebody drilling holes and cleaning the rock up on the wall above you, be careful not to stay directly in a drop zone. It can be dangerous! Thanks!!

Camp Mali, good place for climbers :)

Posted: 16th May 2011 by Tomaž K in In General, In Town, On The Rocks

This weekend, Baška was full of climbers again! Also due to the group of climbers gathered by Urban Roof climbing school (Ljubljana, Slovenia). For some of them it was the first time to taste the real rock, while some were already climbing 6c on-sight . They fully explored Portafortuna climbing area and it was only rain yesterday on the afternoon, that forced them to retreat. Beside good rock and routes, they also found a restaurant Forza to be a great choice for a hungry climber, after the day at the crag … and a small but friendly camp… Climb more …

Cojones (7b+) extended for 2 meters!

Posted: 16th May 2011 by Tomaž K in On The Rocks

Tomaž Košir exchanged old corroded bolts in route Cojones (7b+, Portafortuna) with new gear. He also extended the route for ca. 2 meters and placed a new belay at the true top of vertical wall. Due to the “pumpy” nature of the route, 2 meters extension could also make it just a little bit harder, but not significantly, so original grade of 7b+ should fit (some would give it 7b in the past).  Cojones was one of the first routes to be bolted in Portafortuna (1997) and it was for a long time the hardest line in the crag. It… Climb more …

What about grades … in Baška?

Posted: 13th May 2011 by Tomaž K in In General, On The Rocks

Wherever there is climbing, grades play a big part of it. Unfortunately! We really shouldn’t pack our climbing days into just numbers and evaluate our good times by grades. Enjoy the nature, enjoy the rock and enjoy the freedom first! Climb hard or climb easy, climb everything or whatever suits you best and use grades only as a guiding information on what you should try and what not. OK, there is a sportive challenge involved, but as a must only at the top level. Grades are also good for our personal motivation, but only until we get lost among them.… Climb more …

New routes in Belove Stene & Portafortuna

Posted: 9th May 2011 by Tomaž K in On The Rocks

During Easter holiday, two teams of our friends were putting up new climbs at both main areas of Baška. Hans Weninger & friends bolted new lines in sectors A and E of the new crag Belove Stene in the grade range from 5a to 6b, while Thomas Jekel, Hannes Hoffmann & Martin Birle were active in Portafortuna, sectors B (1 route, 5c) and at the right hand end of sector D (7 new routes, grades 4c to 6a). Routes may still need some rain for final cleaning, but are safe to be climbed! Guys also cleaned the base… Climb more …

New topo, new crag: Belove Stene

Posted: 14th April 2011 by Tomaž K in In General, On The Rocks

We are happy to announce that topo (provisional only though) for new crag Belove Stene is ready and already published. Belove stene is a beautiful crag in a true mountainous environment. couple of kilometers from Baška. We were working on it for the last year and a half, cleaning the bases of the walls, walls, access paths … and bolting. There are 32 bolted lines in a compact limestone so-far, mainly of easier grades, but there is still a lot of room for harder ones and some projects are waiting to be climbed. The only thing that is missing are… Climb more …

The new crag is almost ready!

Posted: 8th April 2011 by Tomaž K in In General, On The Rocks

We’ll work on some final touches to the access for the new crag near Baška, this weekend. We’re also planning to add 2 or 3 new routes while there, so we should have more than 30 bolted lines there by Monday . You can expect the first draft of the new topo, with provisional grades, till the end of next week, so you could already check the area out during Easter holidays. Just so you know -> Approach takes ca. 30 minutes, what is 1/3 longer than for Portafortuna. But it is worth it!!! After all, when we are to… Climb more …

Spring time already?

Posted: 9th February 2011 by Tomaž K in On The Rocks

Looks like winter is far gone for now! We’ve just spent some days in Baška, bolting new routes and climbing. It was warm on the sun, perfect, as it was April already, no winds and no clouds or fog. We climbed in t-shirts most of the day and didn’t even bother too much when shadow came around. Below you can check some images, maybe just to tease you up, or to see how beautiful it can be … Climbing outdoors, on such a stunning locations is just unbeatable … Oh yes, we mentioned bolting – well, stay tuned and you’ll… Climb more …

Respect the nature!

Posted: 6th February 2011 by Tomaž K in In General, On The Rocks

Looks like the season of outdoor climbing will begin soon this year and facing that, we would like to remember you about the nature. It is not that we would like to save the Earth, but let us be at least a good example. Therefore, when you go climbing outdoors, please never leave any litter behind! Always carry it back and throw away where acceptable … If you see that someone left something behind, be a good example and pick it up or ask the one to do it. Smokers be very careful!!!! Your cigarette butts are a huge fire… Climb more …

Careful @ Portafortuna, sector C !

Posted: 31st January 2011 by Tomaž K in On The Rocks

New lines at sector C of Portafortuna crag (left side), that were mainly opened by Betka Galičič, during last summer and autumn, are climbing over sometimes fragile rock! We advise you to be very careful when climbing & belaying there, until routes will get cleaned through! This will get much better with every repetition of the lines, but until than, please be aware of danger and always wear a helmet, especially when belaying! You don’t want to get hit by stone when you can rather enjoy a perfect day!

Sunny autumn days …

Posted: 8th November 2010 by Tomaž K in On The Rocks
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Despite bad weather forecasts, this weekend was nice in Baška, once again. On Saturday we’ve been bolting and cleaning till dark, as it was warm but humid and foggy, not so good for climbing. Sunday started with quite some drops of rain and strong gusts of south wind. It was gray and dark, but during coffee time in Forza, skies had cleared and soon we had plenty of sun, with blue skies above us. Small Bunculuka crag was just the right choice for some real “warming up”, couple of meters from the sea. Great but not gray autumn day in… Climb more …

New topo for Portafortuna!

Posted: 23rd October 2010 by Tomaž K in In General, On The Rocks

We are working on a new all in one topoguide for Baška, that would also include some new rocks. This is planned to be done by the beginning of the year 2011, ready for new season. Until than, we extracted the part about Portafortuna, so you can already download and use it. Note that this is still the working version and there may be some mistakes and layout will probably change a bit, but now all new routes are included and graded. Check it out in our topo section!

Portafortuna, sector C update

Posted: 4th September 2010 by Tomaž K in On The Rocks

As we already reported, sector C in Portafortuna is again richer for some new routes and projects, bolted by Betka Galičič. One project is of closed and two of open type, while other new routes and variations were climbed and graded already. Until we are able to update our TOPO with all news, please refer to the attached sketch of sector C, so you will have the latest info.

More news from Portafortuna

Posted: 26th August 2010 by Tomaž K in On The Rocks

Portafortuna C sector seems to be very popular these days. There are again some new projects in the central part of the crag and some are already climbed. We also opened the longtime closed route #8 (Needles and Pins) as we realized that big block that is moving inside of crack just doesn’t want to come out, no mather how hard we try, so it should be safe to climb there. The grade is 6a+ and route is nice.