New routes in Belove Stene & Portafortuna

Posted: 9th May 2011 by Tomaž K in On The Rocks

During Easter holiday, two teams of our friends were putting up new climbs at both main areas of Baška. Hans Weninger & friends bolted new lines in sectors A and E of the new crag Belove Stene in the grade range from 5a to 6b, while Thomas Jekel, Hannes Hoffmann & Martin Birle were active in Portafortuna, sectors B (1 route, 5c) and at the right hand end of sector D (7 new routes, grades 4c to 6a). Routes may still need some rain for final cleaning, but are safe to be climbed! Guys also cleaned the base of new routes in Portafortuna sector D and made it super comfy for all those spoiled ones ;)

With this additions Portofortuna is one of the nicest places for easy climbing, with lots of routes to chose from. Enjoy!

Please find an update with the list of new routes at our TOPO section.