What about grades … in Baška?

Posted: 13th May 2011 by Tomaž K in In General, On The Rocks

Wherever there is climbing, grades play a big part of it. Unfortunately! We really shouldn’t pack our climbing days into just numbers and evaluate our good times by grades. Enjoy the nature, enjoy the rock and enjoy the freedom first! Climb hard or climb easy, climb everything or whatever suits you best and use grades only as a guiding information on what you should try and what not. OK, there is a sportive challenge involved, but as a must only at the top level. Grades are also good for our personal motivation, but only until we get lost among them. Is it really important if one route is in fact 5b or 5b/b+? If you are thinking about personal top limits now, you are wrong. If someone thinks the hardest he or she can climb is 5b and thus 5b/b+ is too hard, they are already lost among grades! No one can determine his or her top limit at this level! Top level climbers yes, but at the level of 5b, never! It doesn’t even matter if it is 5b or 5c. Some routes would suit you better and some won’t, so you may run over 6a today and struggle in 5a tomorrow. Not because grades are wrong, but because you fancy steep walls with jugs much more than slabs that demand good footwork … Think about it and let yourself loosen up a bit :)

Some say that grades in Baška are on the softer side.
Maybe it is so, compared to some climbing areas in Slovenia and Croatia, but I would rather think that grades in those areas are just a bit too stiff. Maybe because climbers are too focused on grades there. Too competitive and too “good” sometimes. Comparing to recognized areas like Sardinia, Arco, Kalymnos … grades in Baška are just where they should be. Of course this is still a quite young climbing resort and some of the grades would still be a bit off. We are aware of this, especially concerning newborn Belove Stene crag, but we are collecting all your thoughts and suggestions and revise all grades at least once a year. Possible changes are than reflected in the latest topo updates.

You can always send us your suggestions for grades on specific routes. Just fill the form on this link: http://www.climbinbaska.com/?page_id=917

But again, don’t focus on grades too much! There is so much more to be happy about :)