Important Tips & Tricks

Climbing is definitely not something you would just go and do, without proper training and education! Go and get some (professional climbing course) if you haven’t so far, before you would lead your first route!

But also when you are an experienced climber, you may forget about some basic know-how. This is why we prepared some important tips, to make you remember and maybe to motivate beginners to go and take a climbing course to learn all that. And remember, climbing is dangerous and just following our tips don’t make you capable of doing it!

Safe Top-Roping
When top-roping a route that has a karabiner without a lock at the top anchor, it is wise to clip additional quickdraw to the anchor and your rope, or simply attach a karabiner with a lockable gate next to the present one, to put your rope in. That way you would avoid any chances of accidental unclipping of the rope while climbing.

Lowering off from longer routes
When lowering off from the long routes, please be very careful not to get short on the rope. There are many accidents all over the world due to this mistake. Always make a knot at the free end of the rope before you start climbing or belaying. That way you won’t hit the deck unprepared! In our crags, 60 meters rope would be enough for majority of routes, but not for all!! Be very careful!

Important rope maneuvers
Many of our top anchors are equipped by a karabiner, but sometimes you may find a different setup.

When karabiner is not attached, but you have a ring, you should know the procedure on how to put the rope through this ring, without ever being untied or loosing your rope end! See and learn how to do it by clicking here.

There is also an option to find a so called French belay at the top of the route. This usually means having two glue in bolts or two bolts with rings close to each other, but not linked with chain. The procedure is similar to the described above, but with the difference that you have to put your rope through both bolts.

These maneuvers must become a routine that you could do in a sleep without a single mistake!
If you are not able to do it, you should never lead the route!