About Us


We teamed up to start with systematic development and maintaining of climbing crags around Baška. All we do is strictly voluntary and we wouldn’t be able to do it without our supporters and friends that help us gather all the necessary equipment and also join us on the slopes when fighting bushes, clearing access paths, etc …

Tomaž Košir … find him on Facebook
… lives in Ljubljana, Slovenija and is the man behind the wheel of “Climbinbaska (CIB) crew”. He bolts new routes, organizes crags development, produces & updates topo-guides and keeps this website up and running ... He opened the first climbing route at Bunculuka crag In 1995, using traditional pegs. Later he changed those with bolts and “Oda Blesavim” became the first sport climbing route on island Krk.  His favorite climbing locations (next to Baška): Targasonne (France) & Sardinia (Italy). Beside climbing, he also likes to surf, windsurf and freeride on skis.

Daša Novak
… lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Windsurfing, surfing and skiing are her second passion while the third are fruits of all kind :-) At the crags around Baška, she is the one who cleaned many many routes. When not hanging on the rope while cleaning routes, she likes to climb them, but also likes to maintain access paths and the bases of the crags. It all has to be perfect! Sometimes she also takes the drilling machine and bolt a route by herself. Her first FA also took place in Baška/Portafortuna. Hence the name of the route -”Moja Prva” (My First) :-)

Sandra Seršič
Sadra lives in Rijeka. She is the one that would fight the wildest bushes no matter what, in order to open access to a perfect crag, just as long as she has her Rankun (very special bush-fighting tool) with her ;) . At Bunculuka crag she once cleaned bushes so tactical (together with Žarko), that the little wall, with no further potential, suddenly got space for 5 more routes!

Žarko Seršič
Just as Sandra, his wife, Žarko is a keen bush-fighter and climber, living in Rijeka, Croatia. Originally his father  comes from a little village near Baška, Batomalj, therefore he is in fact the first “local” that rock
climbs. He is the one responsible (together with Sandra) for some unbelievable clean-outs under and at the crags, plus for those great fence doors that now make access to Portafortuna much more comfy.

Sandra & Žarko on one of their bush-fighting missions … Belove Stene, this will be the base of Sector A (2009).

Other newrouters
There are other climbers that opened one or more new routes around Baška. Their names always appear next to their routes in our topos. These are very important people for us and we
appreciate their work big time! Among them the most active VIPs are: Betka Galičič, Thomas Jekel, Hans Weninger, Marko Lukič

Thanks to our supporters!

We would bolt only part of the routes in our crags, if there were no supporters! The estimated price of equipment needed for one 30 meters route is around 50 EUR, not to mention the travel and accommodation costs we are facing. Therefore a big thanks to all of you that are supporting us! Thumbs UP!