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Baška is a well known holiday resort, situated on the south of island Krk (Croatia), in a beautiful valley surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, sea and rocks! For years it is known as a perfect combination of great sandy beaches, clear sea and stunning landscape with numerous options for outdoor activities.

Windsurfers, sailors and scuba divers find their playgrounds at the big bay of Baška and around, while paragliders start their airborne adventures from the rocky hills that are closing the valley from east, north and west. The highest peaks reach 568 m (Obzova), 541 m (Veli vrh) and 537 m (Orljak) above the sea level and many people are simply attracted by this surroundings while hiking along several well marked foot trails, to the tops of the hills or to the remote bays, all in all with a total length of more than 80 km. With all that rocky landscape it would be strange if rock climbers wouldn’t find their interest here as-well! And we did, already years ago. Baška was always a location where you would find climbers. Many of the cliffs were climbed solo or with couple of pegs, just for fun or training during the vacations. Sport climbing, on the other hand, reached Baška quite late. First sport routes were put up during summer of 1996, but the true start of sport era began more than 10 years later … find more about rock climbing around Baška on About Crags page.


Baška is a big summer holiday resort. During season, from April till October, you will find many accommodation possibilities, including campsites, B&Bs, apartments and hotels. There are plenty of restaurants and shops in town, so you will never be hungry or thirsty. During off-season period, many tourist facilities in Baška are closed, but you will always be able to find a place to sleep and at least one restaurant is open the whole year round. Should you need further assistance with accommodation, please contact Municipal Tourist Association office in Baška.

BEWARE! Wild camping, including sleeping in a car or camper van outside of camping places, is strictly forbidden in Croatia!


Due to several archeological sites found in the area, it is clear that habitation history of Baška begins already at prehistoric times. The ancient inhabitants were the Illyrians, mainly the Iapod tribe and later a Roman settlement by the sea was developed in the 2nd century B.C.. But Baška grew into a settlement later, in 418 A.D., on the hill of St.John which overlooks today’s resort. In fact that was a fortified castle, what was first mentioned in 1232 (Castelum Besca). Following the Illyrian period and Roman times, Baška came under the rulership of Byzantium and later under Hungaro-Croatian sovereignty. In the Middle Ages, after the powerful Princess of Krk, the Frankopans, Baška came under Venice, then Austria, and finally Napoleon’s Illyria. With the fall of Napoleon, Baška and Krk are once more felt under the rulership of Austria, till the end of the World War 1 (1918), when the island was incorporated in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia …

Baška at the end of 19th century:


The island of Krk can be reached from the mainland via the bridge, by sea to some of the island ports, or by air onto the airport near Omišalj (Airport Rijeka). Please see the maps below or search for driving directions towards Baška, Krk, Croatia on http://www.viamichelin.com/.

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