New topo for Portafortuna!

23rd October 2010 by Tomaž K in In General, On The Rocks

We are working on a new all in one topoguide for Baška, that would also include some new rocks. This is planned to be done by the beginning of the year 2011, ready for new season. Until than, we extracted the part about Portafortuna, so you can already download and use it. Note that this is still the working version and there may be some mistakes and layout will probably change a bit, but now all new routes are included and graded. Check it out in our topo section!

Looking for a climbing partner at our crags?

4th September 2010 by Tomaž K in In General

Take a look at our Facebook discussion board! At the moment Martin is looking for a buddy on a rope and is waiting for him/her, fully equipped with climbing gear, in Baška until September 12th.

Portafortuna, sector C update

4th September 2010 by Tomaž K in On The Rocks

As we already reported, sector C in Portafortuna is again richer for some new routes and projects, bolted by Betka Galičič. One project is of closed and two of open type, while other new routes and variations were climbed and graded already. Until we are able to update our TOPO with all news, please refer to the attached sketch of sector C, so you will have the latest info.

More news from Portafortuna

26th August 2010 by Tomaž K in On The Rocks

Portafortuna C sector seems to be very popular these days. There are again some new projects in the central part of the crag and some are already climbed. We also opened the longtime closed route #8 (Needles and Pins) as we realized that big block that is moving inside of crack just doesn’t want to come out, no mather how hard we try, so it should be safe to climb there. The grade is 6a+ and route is nice.

Trpimir Jakovina climbed project #9

10th August 2010 by Tomaž K in On The Rocks

Trpimir reported that he had climbed the route #9 and the grade would be 6b+ for first part and 6a for second. He also reported that the second part of the route would need some more cleaning, so please be aware of possible falling stones when climbing it (alert people below)! The route is long and has an intermediate belay. The first part also shares some bolts and holds with route #16 (Pika Poka, 6b).

List of new routes in Portafortuna

27th July 2010 by Tomaž K in On The Rocks

Betka Galičič spent another couple of days on Krk and as she promised, she finished her projects at Portafortuna crag. The result now lies in a bunch of new routes on the attractive yellow/gray part of the wall of sector C. This time she was accompanied with Marko Lukič, top climber that raised levels of difficult wall climbing some years ago with extraordinary climbs all over the world and also a multiple winner of Paklenica Big Wall competitions. The difficulty of new routes spans from 6b to 7a+ and you can see more on the attached image … Topo will… Climb more …

Andreas Bstieler from Austria visited Baška again for his vacations and along climbed one of the open problems in Bunculuka crag. Here is what he wrote: “Hi! Last week I was for “chilling for a few days on the beach” with my family in Baška again. I had also a few hours for climbing reserved.  These hours I spent with “Minime direct”. And now the route isn`t longer a project. I started direct at the writing “Minime” and climbed the route without any contact to the rock on the left site. I think the difficulty is 7b/b+. In spite of… Climb more …

New routes in Portafortuna

5th July 2010 by Tomaž K in On The Rocks

Our friend Betka Galičič spent some days in Portafortuna again. She finished, cleaned and climbed her left project (No.10 in topo), started last year and gave it a grade of 6c. She also worked on project right of it (No. 11) and thinks she will open it soon (grade will go around 7b). Anyway this project is still closed! While she was on Krk, she also bolted two new projects. The first one shares first 7 bolts with open project No.9 and than turns to the right. The second one is bolted left of the route Joke about summer. Both… Climb more …

Web cams not working :(

20th June 2010 by Tomaž K in In General

We noticed that webcams from Baška are offline at the moment! We hope BSwireless will be able to put them up soon.

Opened project @ Portafortuna

19th June 2010 by Tomaž K in In General

For those that did not check our latest topo update: The project #9 at Portafortuna C sector is now open project and anyone can climb it. The route is long and spans two pitches. It follows a big crack left of the yellowish wall with holes. The hardest would be the first part but it is not expected that route would be very hard. The first, intermediate belay is placed on a small resting place, so climbing the route in one go or in two pitches doesn’t really make a difference. Enjoy and please let us know the name… Climb more …

Climbers, please help Zaliya!

2nd June 2010 by Tomaž K in In General

This has nothing to do with Baška, but if we can help we should! Zaliya (5 years old), the daughter of well known climber Salavat Rakhmetov, was deeply injured by a rockfall at the base of a climbing area in Turkey! She is still in a coma and her family have launched a call for donations to help them pay for the huge hospital costs and a transfer to Russia. Special website was launched to collect some funds and some more than 12.000 $ was collected so far. Click here to visit the website and help if you can!

More weather forecasts!

31st May 2010 by Tomaž K in In General

Due to everyday weather surprises we can not go and climb just as we want (ok, being at work is also the factor), so we stick to these boring computers. The result: special weather forecasts dedicated sub-page that will serve all your weather related needs … Well, almost all! It lacks one function and that is REPAIR. The damn thing can not repair our weather! Who needs it than … find (weather image) link @ the left column or simply check here >>

31st May 2010 by Tomaž K in In General

Just a short notice. We fixed our Facebook address to You can find a full time link to this FB page also on the left bottom corner of this website … Go there and connect with us. Cheers …

News for our classic friends!

27th May 2010 by Tomaž K in In General

After Mr. Tone Golnar collected and prepared materials in order to present his classic climbing routes around Baška, we finally put it all together in a simple topo guide. This should help those that seek for different type of climbing and adventures on the rocky landscape of Baška. It is quite self explanatory with images and sketches of routes. Sport climbers beware!!! This routes are easy, though not equipped, cleaned or anyhow prepared for you! Mr. Golnar climbed all of them solo. To download a topo, go to our classic climbs page.

Updated TOPO for Portafortuna

26th May 2010 by Tomaž K in In General

We’ve updated the old TOPO for Portafortuna. This now includes all new routes in sectors A, C & D. Also worth mentioning is that we rebolted old routes in sector C that had several corroded bolts … Ah yes … while updating we forgot to change the date of issue, so don’t bother about it. If you have 16 routes in sector D, than you have the newest one . Download from our TOPO section …